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Photography, the guest of my inspiration

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Real or sometimes unreal, photography is the main source of my artistic inspiration. It is the visuals that I create that are at the heart of each of my series, of my work.

These photographs may or may not be recent. Sometimes I like to roam my albums looking for a shot that I might have lost from my memory. They are, most frequently, part of those already destined to become a painting at their birth. I have been building these albums for twenty years, according to the paths taken, trips, situations or emotions.

They are always there in memory and flourish when they are brought to light.

Photography was my first passion and I started many years ago. In my childhood, my father was passionned by photography. He tools his camera everywhere and the best family memories are in their photos shoot.

Each shooting angle can reveals the personnality and the mood of the photographer. For me, it's the main point of the interest in photo. There is one photo for one person there is one photo for one instant. Beyond memories, photos blocked images on time, one unique time. It's for these reasons that photography is a kind of magical technology.

From the film camera to the digitization of the images, I never stopped playing with lights, fades and depths. It’s a self-taught game, of course, which has been refined over the years.

I love this instrument which manages to reproduce, transcribe, memorize what I want to continue to love.

Sometimes my series are based of unreal photography because it doesn't exist, because I don't have it in my albums. It exists only in my imagination and I have to reveal it, create it from scratch so that it can join a series. This reversed process remains rare and also more complex from the creative perspective..

Photos brings a story, a unique moment, an atmosphere (mood) and a message also. Through my photography and the choice I do for my Series, there is a message that I want to transcribe with my painting. It can be very serious as "Never Forget" for example or very lightly as "Lagoon". For both of them, my choice is "dictated" by what I want to highlight in my artwork ; the beauty of nature or the serious of the human being...

This series entitled "Lagoon" is inspired by a photo of Miami Beach in the USA where we see crystal clear water, an exceptional blue. However, the lagoon can sometimes be tormented and moving, which is why I decline in this series different perceptions of this seascape.
Lagoon Series | This series entitled "Lagoon" is inspired by a photo of Miami Beach in the USA where we see crystal clear water, an exceptional blue. However, the lagoon can sometimes be tormented and moving.

In memory of the famous exhibition by Christian Boltanski at the Le Grand Palais Paris in 2010. I had been completely fascinated by the strength of this exhibition and how the artist brought to light the Jewish memories

Taking inspiration from a photograph does not mean "reproducing it" or even "painting it. It is an inspiring medium for which I will attach my interpretation through painting. Interpretation then grants itself great freedom, as if it were facing the image without ever developing a tangible and exact reproduction.

"La peinture est la face visible de l'iceberg" - Salvador Dali

The imagination operates with an almost natural detachment and is attached to the exploitation of one or two aspects of inspiring photography. This can be reflected in the work of movement, the field of colors, reliefs. It is through this work of transcription that my series will be born. Therefore, within a series itself, several very different canvases emerge.

So the works will stand out, give themselves fragility to obtain singularity.

Put side by side, these singularities form a series.

by Carole Jury, artist

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