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My love story with oil paint

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The material plays a major role in my creative process because I technically need to model it ; almost like a sculptor would with his clay or his wax. I need to choose whether to make the colors meet each other or not, to have some flexibility. It was through all of these expectations that, while exploring several other materials, I finally chose oil painting.

Photo shooting in my studio in France
Photo by Christophe Pouget in my French studio, Lyon

Oil painting is an ancestral material: it is full of possibility and surprise. Oily, smooth and soft, it reveals its secrets as you use it.

Created based on vegetable matter (linseed, safflower or walnut oil) and pigments, it is distinguished from its sisters, such as acrylic and watercolor, in particular for its longer drying time and its ability to integrate overlays. Its luminosity, its brilliance, and its consistency are impressive and are inscribed in time, as evidenced by certain works which have lived through hundreds of years.

Passionate about chemistry and chemical processes, I rediscovered this passion for the material through a visit to a production site where my favorite brand of paint is made.

It is incredible to be get the chance to meet a professional team completely passionnante about the same thing. I was so lucky to meet Daler Rowney's team from London, a few years ago.

They dedicated all their energy to research the best for artists. This handful of researchers understand artists's needs and they imagine what they might want to have.

Photo from my French studio in Lyon. Georgian oil
Photo by Christophe Pouget in my French studio

When I paint, I use similar processes of a sculptor. Creating in 3D, modelling, the texture you were imagining.

Before building, I need to intellectualize my painting. My artwork is born in my head even before it is born in person. I imagine the reliefs, the textures, the format. This intellectual process is a big part of my work. At some point in this work, my body goes into an uncontrollable frenzy that tells me it's time to start creating. So I start to build by giving substance to my ideas : I give life to my work.

I like to refine and invent these textures, these reliefs, these mixtures of colors. This amounts to making them coexist to achieve aesthetics, harmony.

It sometimes happens that this encounter becomes enigmatic and gives life to some unexpected things. It's the magic of painting!

Oil is extraordinary for that because it's possible to play with textures, reliefs, colors you can dig, superimpose or mix it.

From oil, there emanates brightness, and a kind of nobility.

By Carole Jury, Artist


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